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Bastian is a digital collage artist based in Berlin, Germany. His background in advertising and marketing informs his work with Made by Bastian, recrafting 1980s magazines and vintage posters into surreal and ironical new artworks. With a blend of fun, sensuality, kitschiness, and thought-provocation, his art celebrates and reflects Pop art through its reinterpretations of consumerist imagery and space-age stylings.

"I believe in creating accessible and limited edition fine art prints for all art lovers.

I was tired of seeing art galleries offering highly exclusive photographs at crazy prices to established collectors or museums. While museum shops sell prints produced in unlimited editions, these do not do justice to any individual statement. I wanted to fill this gap and offer exclusive, high quality work to young collectors and all creative enthusiasts."

All prints are only available on and are not offered elsewhere. Each piece is numbered and hand-signed by Bastian and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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