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Bastian is now accepting commissions for custom artworks. Bastian's unique style blends vintage imagery, contemporary design elements, and digital manipulation to create commissioned collages. He has already worked for various cover albums, restaurants and personal projects  Whether you’re looking for a personalised portrait, a surreal landscape, or a playful pop art piece, Bastian is excited to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Commissioned Art Home Decor
Commissioned Art Personal
Commissioned Art Album
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For your personal home

Mural Art

For your music cover album

Album Covers

For your music cover album

Book Covers

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For editorial features


Your brand with a unique visual art piece


When working with a client for a commissioned artwork, Bastian follows a few key steps to ensure that the final piece meets their expectations. 

First, he will meet with the client to discuss their ideas and vision for the artwork. This may involve reviewing reference images, discussing color palettes, or exploring different styles and mediums. 

From there, Bastian will create a first mockup of the proposed artwork, which he will share with the client for feedback and approval. Once the client is happy with the direction of the piece, Bastian will begin creating the artwork, providing regular updates throughout the process.

Finally, once the artwork is complete, Bastian will deliver it to the client, ensuring that it is carefully packaged and ready to be displayed.

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